Let’s Get to Know You!

Please fill out the questionnaire, so we can get to know you as a couple better!

First, who's filling out this Questionnaire?
Tell us about your first date!
How did you get engaged?
Was there a certain moment that you knew you'd want to be together forever?
What is your idea of a perfect Friday night together?
If you were a MEAL, what would you be? What about your partner? (Be sure to include where it's from or specific ingredients!)
What are you personality types? Who is Introverted / Extroverted? If you know your Myers-Briggs or Ennegram scores, please share!
What type of work do you each do for a living? (This helps us learn about your expertise!)
Family Photos
We plan to take both staged and candid photos of you & your families. How important specifically are staged family portraits to you?
Details *
How important are detail / decor to you?
Romantic / Silly *
Would you consider yourselves more romantic or more silly?
Drink 1 *
Do you plan to drink at your wedding?
Drink 2 *
Does your partner plan to drink at your wedding?
Dressing 1 *
For your dressing photos:
Dressing 2 *
For your partner's dressing photos:
Same Page *
As a couple, are you on the same page for photos to be taken? If not, it's OK! We will always read the couple & the situation, the day of. :)